Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mercury Opposite Pluto


Obsession with communication or one particular idea or project could now rule your life. There could be such a desperate urge to get some message across to others..or to complete a project...that everything and everyone else is ignored or forgotten. Take care, otherwise overwork could lead to exhaustion - and you won't find much sympathy from neglected loved ones.
You may feel as if communications are excessively difficult or being obstructed in some way - or that someone is deliberately erecting barriers to block your progress.
Thoughts and reasoning powers could also be manipulated now. You'll either be the victim of someone's dishonest and devious behaviour..or you, yourself, may be the instigator of deceitful manipulation. Therefore you now either need to respect the opinions of others...or you desperately need to stand up for your own rights...in other words...don't allow yourself to be bullied.


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